Honored Veterans

Names will be placed here in the order they are received;

James E. McGreevey, SGT, US Marine Corps, KIA Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands, 19 Feb 1945, Navy Cross (Posthumously), Bronze Star. Dedicated by: The McGreevey Family

Matthew E. Baylis, SPC, US Army, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment. Dedicated by: The Baylis Family

Joseph J. Lapienski, BM3, US Navy, Vietnam. Dedicated by: The Lapienski Family

Joseph E. Keyes, Armed Guard, US Navy, Pacific Theater 1943-45. Dedicated by: The Keyes Family

John L. Mirando Sr. Tech SGT 4, US Army, WW2, 580th AAA Airwing Battalion, Dedicated by Carolyn and Diana

Thomas J. Maher, SGT, US Air Force (Air Policeman), Vietnam 1969, National Defense Service Medal, Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon, Vietnam Service Medal, Dedicated by: Wife Pat (TC) Maher

Edward J. Maher, SGT, US Army, Co 1 Co G 47th INF, Purple Heart, Dedicated by: Sons Ed, Tom, Gary

Joseph J. Musso, PVT, US Army, Dedicated by: Joe Musso’s Children

Jerome Frank Clasen, PFC, US Army, Korean CIB, 5th INF, Bronze Star, Dedicated by: His 5 Loving Children

Willian F. Caldwell, SGT Army Infantry, CO B 279th INF REGT, 3/6/1929 – 9/26/2007, Dedicated by: The Caldwell Family

Jonathon Ralph, Specialist 5, US Army, Army Security Agency, 1972-1975, Dedicated by: Richard J. Tafe

Peter N. Palamidis, SP4, US Army, 196 LIB, Vietnam 68-69, Purple Heart, CIB, Dedicated by: Palamidis Family

Adolph (Jay) Zumpol JR. SP4, US Army, Blackhorse, Vietnam 67-68, CIB, Dedicated by: The Zumpol Family

Dorothy Manning, SK1, US Coast Guard, 11.3.43 – 5.9.46, Dedicated by: Her Loving Family

Edward J Maher Jr., Spec 4, US Army, 56th MP CO, 1966-1968, Ft. Richardson, Alaska, Dedicated by: Brian and Kevin Maher

Frank Fiala Jr., PFC, US Army, Battle of the Bulge, 1943-1946, Dedicated by: Lorice Fiala

George J Barrett Sr, Spec4, US Army, 1967-1968, Vietnam, Dedicated by: Love from your Family

John T. Wojciechowski, PFC US Army, WWII, 703 TD BN, Dedicated by: Catherine Fuller