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MAP for Lights on Veterans Download

Map of Lights

List of Lamp Post Locations: Key (Green=still available), (Purple=one side available), (Red=Pole is taken/unavailable)

1. TD Bank (112 and Main)

2. N.Y. Spine

3. Advance Auto Parts (112 and Main)

4. BBS (Next to Country Kitchen)

5. Corner of Rider and Main (William F. Caldwell, SGT, US Army Infantry) B. (Stanley Joseph Urban, SPEC4, US Army)

6. Sherman Willaims (Next to Finest Fitness)

7. Medi Health

8. Burlington Coat Factory (John W. Otto, SGT, US Army)

9. 178 Main St (George J. Barrett Sr., SPC4, US Army) b. (Emanuel Lutheran Church)

10a. US Post Office (Unusable)

10b. US Post Office (Unusable)

11. 150 Main St.

12. Corner of Maple and Main

13. King Laundry

14. Village Walk

15. Fulton’s Gate Irish Pub

16. Roe Agency

17a. Capital One Plaza (John L. Mirando Sr., Tech SGT4, US Army)

17b. Capital One Plaza A. (Peter N. Palamidis, SPC4, US Arm) B. (Adolph (Jay) Zumpol Jr., SPC4 US Army Blackhorse)

18. Chase Bank

19a. Congregational Church of Patchogue (Thomas Ganetis, LT, USNR)

19b. Congregational Church of Patchogue

20. Old Dollar Store

21. Fusion (Next to Goldberg’s Famous)

22. Silver 80 (Next to Kilwin’s)

23. Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts (Martin Creighton, ET2, US Navy)

24. David’s Shoes

25. Law Offices of LaVelle & Menechino (John J. Norton III, SGT, USMC)

26. Patchogue Medford Library (Joseph J. Lapienski, BM3, US Navy) b. (American Legion Post 269)

27. Toast Coffee House (Matthew E. Baylis, SPC, US Army)

28. Payless Shoes (Next to Roast Coffee & Tea) (Harold J. O’Neill, Maj. US Army) (VFW Jayne-Lattin Post 2913)

29. Stanley’s Furniture (Joseph E. Keyes, Armed Guard, US Navy)

30. Paper Doll Curiosity Shoppe A. (Frank Fiala JR. PFC US Army) B. (Peter Belmonte, PO1 Gunnery, US Navy)

31. Swell Taco

32. BLUM’S (Dorothy Manning, SK1, US Coast Guard)

33. The Cheese Patch

34. Gallo (Joseph J. Musso, PVT, US Army)

35. The Village Idiot A. (Edward J. Maher, SGT, US Army) B. (Edward J. Maher Jr. SPC US Army)

36. Arooga’s Grille House & Sports Bar (Thomas J. Maher, SGT, US Air Force)

37. 8 West Main St

38. Teachers Federal Credit Union

39. Hoptron

40. Hoshi Sushi

41. Hofbrau Bierhaus

42a. Bank of America (Jerome Frank Clasen, PFC, US Army)

42b. Bank of America a. (Jonathon Ralph, SPC, US Army) b.(Richard Tafe, PVT, US Army)

43. Paradise Bridals & Tuxedos

44. Island Kitchen and Bath

45. Brick House Brewery (John T. Wojciechowski, PFC, US Army)

46. Bobbique

47. 76 W Main St

48a. New Village

48b. New Village

49. Suffolk County Legislator Robert Carlarco Office

50. Tap Room

51a. Brookhaven Memorial Hospital

51b. Brookhaven Memorial Hospital

51c. Brookhaven Memorial Hospital

51d. Brookhaven Memorial Hospital

51e. Brookhaven Memorial Hospital

52a. Sixth District Court House

52b. Sixth District Court House

52c. Sixth District Court House

52d. Sixth District Court House

53. Carnegie Library of Patchogue (John Purtz, SGT US Army)

54. Bargain Bilge Marine Supply

55. West Corner of Main and Railroad Ave

56. East Corner of Main and Railroad Ave

57. Railroad Ave (Near Glass Shop)

58. The Emporium

59. Camera Concepts

60. JPS Dove Plaza

61. Dragon Palace (Edward Murray Amodeo, CPL, USMC)

62. Shoe Repair

63. Karl Ehmer Butcher

64. Bagels Plus

65. Idustrial Coverage Corp.

66. Patchogue Music Center

67. United Methodist Church (Edwin August Blum, AOMAC3, US Navy)

68a. Patchogue Garden Terry St.

68b. Patchogue Garden Terry St.

69a. Seacrest Village

69b. Seacrest Village

69c. Seacrest Village

69d. Seacrest Village

70a. Cooper Beach Village

70b. Cooper Beach Village

70c. Cooper Beach Village

71a. American Legion Post 269 (Frank D’Aniello, PFC, US Army) (Darwin W. Thomas, US Navy, Mech 3rd Class)

71b. American Legion Post 269

72a. Patchogue Village Hall

72b Patchogue Village Hall

73a. New Village North Ocean Ave (James E. McGreevey, SGT, US Marine Corps)

73b. New Village North Ocean Ave 

73c. New Village North Ocean Ave

73d. New Village North Ocean Ave

73e. New Village North Ocean Ave

73f. New Village North Ocean Ave

73g New Village North Ocean Ave

73h. New Village North Ocean Ave

74. East Corner North Ocean and Main St. (Jim (Infantry) Intravia, SPC4 USArmy, 196th INF)

75. Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce (Dominic J. Maggio, YN2, US Navy)